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Early Spanish:

The following links will help you either learn or review vocabulary topics you should know as a novice student of español.

(This is under construction.  Blue, underlined topics have active links.)

Vocabulary acquisition:  The best way to learn vocabulary is by using it.  The links here will serve to present the vocabulary to you, and they will also provide you with some activities to help you learn.  Most pages also have links to, which has some very good, useful interactive activities.

Flash cards: I strongly recommend making flashcards- or some other sort of study guide- for each unit.  I suggest that whenever possible you create flashcards with pictures on one side and Spanish on the other rather than Spanish-English.  Flashcards provide a great way for you to study if you use them correctly, and the manipulation needed to hold them and sort through them can actually help you learn, too.  I suggest quizzing yourself by looking at the Spanish side- do you know what the word/expression means?  Separate the ones you do and do not know.  Study the ones you do not know.  Then do the same thing looking at the other side.  You can also do a number of sorting activities- reading the Spanish side and dividing the cards into categories. 

How much you do is up to you.  Hopefully, your goal is to learn the vocabulary, and hopefully these activities will help.