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ElTiempo del Presente

¿Cuál es tu actividad favorita?

¿Qué haces los fines de semana?

¿Qué haces en las clases?

¿Qué hacen tus amigos cuando estás ocupado?

¿Qué haces tú después de las clases?

To answer all of these, you would have used the present tense, ¿verdad? It is what you first started to learn when you got to verbs in your study of Spanish.  So you probably already have a strong grasp of what it is and how it is used.  But, as with everything you study at an advanced level, there are some items that will be new, so review what you already know, and learn what is new.

The present tense...

What is it used for?  How is it used?  What are its forms?

Click on the links below to study the different areas of the present tense.


As you study the forms, this is important to know:  All compound verbs are conjugated like the root verb.  So, for example,  "componer" is conjugated like "poner"; "mantener" is conjugated like "tener"; etc. 


Regular Present Tense (¡facilísimo!)

Stem- Changing Verbs

Irregular YO form verbs

Orthographic (Spelling) Changing Verbs

Irregular Verbs

Reflexive verbs(rutina diaria)

Verbos reflexivos (explicación)

The Uses of the Present Tense