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Los alimentos

¿Qué te gusta comer?

What's your favorite food?..........  See if it's in the vocabulary.

Go check out these sites to see what your favorite foods are called in Spanish.  Review the vocabulary lists and do the activities offered on each page.  Try to master the vocabulary before you do the activities.

Some activities for you to practice with.....


Write five foods for each of the categories below.  See what you know first by not using the vocabulary.  Go back and review as you need.

¿Qué son?
Click on the following links and see if you can name the food shown.  Write the letters A-Y on a sheet of paper and click on the letters.  See if you can name the food you see. Choose from the list below.  Sí ¡hay más palabras que letras!

almejas    apio    calabaza    carne molida    cerezas    chuletas    fresas    guisantes    hongos    langosta

 lechuga    limón    mango    papaya    pepinos    pescado    plátano    sandía    tocino    uvas


How did you do?  Go check your answers, then come back.

¿Qué comeremos la semana que viene?

Make up a menu for the school week coming up.  Go by day- lunes hasta viernes, by the three meals you will eat.  Have as much variety as you can for desayunos and almuerzos, and make sure each cena/comida is different.

How much will all this cost?  Make a grocery list in Spanish for your week.  Check the prices at a store- real or virtual- and see how much it costs to eat for a week.  What do you think it will cost?  Write your prediction and see how close you were at the end.

Un menú
Have you ever been to a nice restaurant where the different dishes are described?  How would you describe a spaghetti dish?  Thin noodles covered with a tomato sauce, served with or without meat.  On your own or with a friend, make a menu for a fancy restaurant.  Create a name and location for your restaurante.  Use the vocabulary from this unit, as well as any other words/expressions you may need to look-up, and create five main dishes (platos principales) for your restaurant.  Also include appetizers (apertivos), beverages (bebidas) and desserts (postres).  For each food item provide a description and an approximated price.  Translate prices into an hispanic currency. (Go here for currency exchange information)

Una presentación para tu clase......
Escribe respuestas para las preguntas siguientes y prepara una presentación oral con un proyecto visual.  Para obtener las ilustraciones, sugiero que visities y que hagas una búsqueda de imágenes.

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