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Links for student Reading- Language and Culture

Students:  You can go to these sites and choose topics that interest you.  Most of these sites are kept up to date, and are of interest to los jóvenes.  You can read about current events, pop culture, history, or traditional culture.  Regardless of what you choose to read, your reading skills and cultural knowledge should improve quite a bit.

Literature Links: Spanish and Latin American Authors:

Latina Magazine-Online!

Hispanic Vista- an Online Hispanic magazine in English

Información sobre CUBA

La prensa hispánica:  An Online magazine in Spanish

Pablo Picasso Online Museum

Netscape Epsaña

Netscape Latin America

Send Greeting Cards:

¡SHOCK!- Una revista de Colombia (This takes you to edition 61, you can surf from there.)      Gracias a Carmen Fay for this page!

¿Te gusta la música?  Cohasett High School has prepared a page of links to an entire world od hispanic music.  ¡Go surf La música latina!

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