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Spanish 3 – don Carlos

Room B205 Period 2, Semester 1


Overall Class Objective:  Students will attain a level of “Intermediate” on the proficiency scale.  They will be able speak and write about basic topics with general ideas and  enough structural accuracy that they can be understood by a native speaker, as well as understand main points about those topics when presented in the native language (written and spoken Spanish). 


Topics/Basic Content


¿Quiénes somos?  Using autobiographical information, students will do a thorough review of the present tense and basic content used to discuss likes, interests, activities, etc.



Mi rutina diaria  ¿Qué hago todos los días?  Reflexive verbs (I get [myself] up, I get dressed [dress myself], I bathe [myself], etc.)



Un viaje memorable ¿Adónde fui yo?  This introduction to the preterit (past) tense has students plan and then pretend to take a trip to a Spanish speaking country.  Vocabulary topics include travel & transportation, clothing [review],  vacation activities and foods.



En el almacén  ¿Qué voy a comprar?  Using Spanish to go shopping is a real possibility if one travels, so this unit will come in handy for those who might travel some day.  Students will study vocabulary needed to identify stores and products, and will learn useful expressions to help them make a purchase.



En el restaurante  ¿Qué voy a comer?  This unit will also come in handy for those students who might travel someday, but we’ll hopefully find out if they know what they’re doing with a field trip to a restaurant where all the servers are natives of México (Casablanca, North Andover).



Los animales ¿Qué animales prefieres tú?  By using this favorite topic, students develop great language skills.