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Spanish 2


September "Soy yo" Self & friends; school & time; dates, seasons & weather; family; parts of the body; description, adjectives, & review of verbs, gustar, poder, me duele, tengo dolor de, me falta,  
October Home responsibilities & daily routine house, rooms & furniture; poner; chores, tener que, tú commands  
October El Día de los Muertos comparing Mexican holiday to Halloween; famous Hispanics  
November Going out movies & activities; querer, salir, time, future time, using ir a + infinitive, saber & conocer, telephone tips; invitations and acceptances/refusals  
December / January Food, meals, kitchen & restaurant foods, meals, place setting, preferir, hacer, -ado adjectives, object pronouns ¡Tengo hambre, hombre!
February / March Shopping & stores clothing:  -ando/iendo, demonstratives, comparisons, higher numbers El Corte Inglés
March Driving Ud. commands Driving School
March Monstuos debajo de mi cama Tener miedo, review of adjectives and body parts La Chupacabras
April / May Foreign travel & vacations hace + present, preterite tense; irregular preterites: ir & ser CIA World Factbook

Flags of the World

June Travel & Trip irregular preterites; review of verbs; weather  

Muchísimas gracias al Dr. Ladd, Foreign Language Department Chair at Ipswich High School, who wrote the syllabus for this class.


don Carlos Holman   Ipswich High School   136 High Street   Ipswich, MA 01938