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La cultura hispánica

¿Qué son?

Go learn about the pictures you see below.

The purpose of this activity is to help you learn a little about some pieces of Hispanic culture and history. You will also be working on improving your reading comprehension and writing skills- so it should be very valuable!

First, print this page, or the pictures you decide to write about.  Then click on a picture to find out what it is. Read the description and try to answer the questions that check your comprehension.  On your paper, next to the picture, write a title and a caption that summarizes what it is and its importance.  Choose 10 of the pictures. If you are a beginning level student, you can click on "English version" to learn about the pictures. Regardless of your level, DO NOT COPY! Of course if you are an intermediate or advanced level student, Escribe los resúmenes en español.

If you want to get creative..

... you can turn this into a personal slide show and recount an imaginary trip you've taken. can plan a trip of the (10?) things you want to see most and why. can practice your conditional tense by stating what you would see and do if you were able (Si pudiera,....) can pretend you write for a Spanish magazine or newspaper and create articles about some of the pictures. can think of many other things you can do to improve your understanding of Spanish and Hispanic culture.

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