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Actividades para los libros de texto de México

These links will take you to activities created to acompany a variety of reading activities from Mexican textbooks, which are all available online at

Click on the selection you desire ( or are required) to read.  The title of the page you arrive at is the link to the actual reading selection, and I do suggest you open it in a new window (right click on the link for this option).

Paco el Chato (Imperfecto, pretérito/ identificación personal)

Saltan y saltan (presente. otros reflexivos/ fantasía)

¡Socorro!  (pretérito/fantasía)

La casita del caracol (pretérito/ animales- leyeenda)

El gato bombero  (pretérito/ pueblo)

¡Mapas!  Check this out for a map reading activity.

dos cartas  (Como escribir una carta, y unas fábulas)