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Sugiero que imprimas esta hoja antes de empezar

La bandera de Madrid

Vamos a visitar a Madrid!

Let’s find out by taking a virtual trip, y

¡Visitemos a Madrid!

As you "travel", keep at least a mental note of the three things you would like to see most while on your trip to Spain, and what you would do if you went there.

Go to the following Web Site:

Madrid and Spain

Get a general overview of the city by reading through the brief introduction, and while you are there answer these questions:

1. What two adjectives are used to describe the city?

2. What other cities or regions might you visit on this virtual trip?

3. When you return from your trip, what might you have for a snack or meal?  What do you think these are?

Slide Show

Now go the "Slide show.  Carefully look at the pictures and read the captions, and answer these questions as you "travel around Spain".

1. What does the bull have in its neck?  Why do you think this is?  Imagine you received the matador’s outfit as a present, when might you wear it?  What is your opinion of bullfighting?

2. Goya was a very famous Spanish painter. In this picture, what did he paint?  What tools did he use?  How long did it take?  Do you know what the Sistine Chapel is?  Who painted it?  How is this compared with it?

3. What are "tapas"?  What do they remind you of?  Would you eat them?  Explain

4. What color dominates the Parque de Retiro?  What would you do there?

5. What would be hard to do in the streets of Toledo?  Why?

6. How long did it take to build the Seville Cathedral?  What is it known for being?

7. What type of station is the Estacion D’Atocha? What unusual thing is inside it?

8. Name three things you see in the painting by Picasso, "Guernica"?  State your opinion of this style, called "cubismo"

9. Who used to stay at the Palace Hotel?  Who is he?  Compare this hotel with a hotel/motel in your hometown.

10. What is sangria made of?  If you went to Spain, would you try it?  Explain.

11. How many rooms are in the Royal Palace?  How many rooms does your home have?  How many times bigger is the Royal Palace than your home?  What is it known for being?  Do you like the style (furnishings and decorations)?

12. Compare hot chocolate here with Spanish hot chocolate.  What (food) is usually served with it in Spain?  Does that sound good to you?  If you could find recipes, would you make some for class?  For a party at home?  Have you eaten them?  Where?  At the Topsfield fair?

13. What is a synagogue?  How many are still standing in Toledo?  Given the text in the caption, "are still standing", we can assume that at one time there were quite a few more.  What do you think happened to them?

14. What is the Alcazar?  How did Walt Disney use it?  What do you think of it?

15. Look at the item on display in the Convento de la Encarnacion.  Would you like to have this on display at your house?  Explain.  What is kept at this convent/museum?

16. Do you know what the "flamenco" is?  In this slide, what colors is the dancer wearing?


Go back to "Madrid".  Click on "Highlights", and two maps will appear.  Choose cinco (5) of the places, perhaps based on what you saw in the slides, and "go there" by clicking on them.  Answer the questions for the ones you choose.  Remember to keep in mind the places you would like to visit and the things you would like to do on a real trip.

* Goya Chapel:  What was Goya’s medium?  (What did he use for paint?)  How many kings did he paint for?  When did he die?  Where is he buried?  Why are there two identical chapels?

* Royal Palace:  Where is it located?  How long did it take to build?  Name three extraordinary things that are found in it.  When was the last time royalty lived in it?

* Plaza Mayor:  What statue is in the plaza?  What does "he" (the figure in the statue) do?  How old is the plaza?  Why is it called the "Casa de la Panaderia"?

* El Rastro Flea Market:  What is a flea market?  When can you go to this one?  What can you buy there?  What can you eat there?  What do you need to be careful of?  When would you go, Saturday or Sunday?  Explain.

* Centro de Arte Reina Sofia:  What style of art can be seen at this museum?  Name three artists whose works are on display here.  What does Picasso’s painting "Guernica" symbolize?  Do you remember seeing it in the slide show?  Go back to the slide show to look at it again if you want, now that you know what it is.

* Parque de Retiro:  What could you do if you went there?  Name five things you could see there.  Of all the activities mentioned, which would you choose to do?  Why?

* Las Ventas Bullring:  Since when has Madrid been the capital of Spain?  When is bullfighting season at its peak?  Explain the pricing of the seats in the stadium.  What can be seen at the Museo Taurino?

* Segovia:  What surrounds Segovia?  Besides being the inspiration for Walt Disney, what else is the Alcazar famous for?  What is an acueduct?  (If you don’t know, think of this- What is "agua"?…….water.  What is a "duct", as in "heating duct"?  …..That’s right, a pathway for delivery.  Now figure out what an acueduct is.)  Who (what group of people) built this famous acueduct?

* Toledo:  When did the Romans rule Toledo?  As a result of their rule, what can be seen in Toledo?  Who is "El Greco"?  What does "exile" mean?  What group of people was exiled in the late 1400’s?  What roles did these people play in society?  What then do you think happened when they were exiled?

* Jerez Royal Equestrian School:  What three things can the city of Jerez boast?  What is "Sherry"?  How would a visit to the stables at the school compare with a visit to a local stable? Do you like to ride horses?  What would you learn if you went there?


You have completed you official tour of Madrid and Spain.  What did you think of what you saw and learned?  Write a reflective paragraph on a postcard from Madrid.  Yes- that’s right, from Madrid!  Go back to any page, and scroll down to the bottom.  Click on "postcards".  You will see a variety of postcards that you can send.  Choose "Madrid" and send me a postcard from there. Follow the instructions.  Type a greeting-in SPANISH.  Write the body of the text as a reflection of your trip.  What did you think of what you saw and learned?  Do not just write back about the things you saw- write about your thoughts about them.

* What is your overall impression of the city?  Of Spain in general?

* Think about what were the best and worst things on the trip.

* Would you go to Spain if you had the opportunity to do so?

* Where would you go- top three choices- if you traveled to Spain?  What would you do there?  Explain your choices.

* Name five things you learned.

Make sure to sign your name at the bottom.

If you have an e-mail address, and would like to use it, you may.  Otherwise use my address for both sender (you) and recipient (me)- .  For the recipient’s name, use "don Carlos"

HUGE extra credit opportunities…….

1. If this interests you at all- do it.  Go to the "Highlights" page and click on any place that interests you.  At the bottom of that page ther is a link to tell you more about the place.  Go there and read what this place has to offer.  Continue your click and read for as long as you want- keep a click and read journal of your web ride- addresses and names of sites visited and a brief summary OR reflection of what you read.  The more you do, the more credit you get.

2. Go to the "Madrid" page and click on  "the Insider’s Guide".  Keep a journal of what you read- address and name of site and what you learn.  Go as far as you want.

3. Research Madrid or Spain on the Internet.  Keep a web journal of addresses and names of sites and summaries of what you learn.

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