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Crimen y castigo

Go study the vocabulary associated with crime and punishment.  When you have learned some new words, come back here for a few activities so you can put to use what you have learned.

         Go study crime!


¿Qué palabras asocias tú con las siguientes?  En otra hoja de papel, escribe las palabras siguientes y entonces escribe las palabras españolas que asocias con ellas.  Explica las respuestas que das.
la pistola
el testigo
la sospecha
el juez
la cárcel
la celda
las esposas
el acusado
el martillo
la sala del tribunal
las huellas digitales
el jurado


As you probably noticed, this vocabulary is mostly courtroom/punishment related.  What about the crimes themselves?  Brainstorm and create your own vocabulary that deals with actual crimes.  Come up with a list of as many words as you can.  Perhaps you'd like o do this with an amigo, ¿no?

If you want to, and your teacher may want you to, create


Go to a courtroom some day and observe what happens.  Use all your vocabulary and write a journal of what you see- actions and items.

Un misterio

Go read a mystery in Spanish!-De muerte natural....

Un cuento de crimen.......

Work alone or with some amigos and create an illustrated crime story.  You can create a detective story, a mystery, a news report, whatever you want.  The only requirement is that you use the vocabulary from this unit- as well as any other words you need.  Based on your language level, write the story in the past or present tense and use language appropriate for your level.

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