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Los quehaceres domésticos

  • What chores do you have to do around your house?  
  • Who do you think does the most chores around your house?  
  • Who does the least?  
  • Are the chores divided fairly?  
  • Who in this class does the most chores? 

Look through the following list of activities and make mental notes of:

*These chores are divided by area, but obviously they are not limited only to that area.
Note that these are activities, and hence are verbs.  The present tense forms (that you will use to tell  and ask who does the activities) are given for you for reference.  You will also be using the infinitive- the form ending in “AR”, “ER” or “IR”.

En el dormitorio / la alcoba

En la sala

En el comedor

En la cocina

En la lavandería

En el jardín

Con los animales domésticos

You need to be able to talk about the chores you and other people do around your house.  In order to acquire this knowledge/skill, you must practice.  Here is an idea to practice:

Get a piece of paper.  Make a list of all the people in your household who do chores across the top of your paper.  Down the left side of your paper, list all the chores that are regularly done in your house.  Now check off the people who do the chores.  Perhaps you need to establish a point value:  3= siempre, 2= a veces; 1= raras veces; 0=nunca  ???  After completing the chart, make a graph demonstrating the number of chores each person does.  When completed, analyze the equity of the chore division in your house.  Is it "justa" or not?  Explain.

Now practice composing who does what by answering these questions- in complete, detailed sentences.:

Now, compose a brief essay in which you describe the chores you do around the house, and tell how often you do them.  If you do not do many or any chores, explain why not.

Check out this page of to practice this and other housework related vocabulary.