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Spanish Structure:
The Early Years


What is grammar?  We often find ourselves frustrated by the very word.  It makes us think of red ink all over papers.  Is it really that important?  That all depends on what you are trying to do.  You can communicate ideas without being grammatically correct-  "Me go store."  It gets the point across, right?  But it doesn't sound very educated, does it?  So if all you are doing is trying to express an idea but you don't care about the impression you are making, don't worry about the grammar.  However, if you do care how you sound, you should work on your grammar skills.

To answer the question, grammar is an observation of the language. It represents the protocols that make communication in that language uniform.  Which came first, grammar or the language?   Language came first, and grammar then followed.  Is this important?  Yes, because you cannot learn the grammar of the language without having at least started to use the language.  You should try to learn grammar this way- use the language and then reflect on what you have done.


The following links will hopefully help you develop your Spanish skills so you can sound a little more educated when the opportunity comes for you to use your Spanish.