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AP Spanish 2009-10


Grammar/Verb Reviews-  Es importantísimo que cada persona que tome la clase de AP tenga un gran control de la gramática y los verbos de la lengua española.  Pues he compilado una serie de lecciones dispuestas en el Internet.  Espero que la mayoría sea un repaso de información que ya saben.


Muy importante:  Register as one of my students at this weekend!!!!!!!


If you are already registered, log on and go into Student Options and change your teacher to me, don Carlos.


If you aren’t registered, go to


  1. Click on “Student log in/registration”


  1. On the next page, click on “Create a new Student Account”


  1. On the next page enter the school ID:  1147


  1. Then, under username enter your name, and for your password use your Spanish name- (at least 5 letters, so if it’s a short name, add your last initial).


  1. Select our state and submit.


  1. On the next page, select me as your teacher and submit again. 


  1. Write down your username and password so you don’t forget it.





You are responsible to study/review as much as you need to so that you master the grammar and verb forms I’ve given you in this packet. 


The grammar:  Study/review the various grammar topics listed on the back of this sheet at as much as necessary.   Then go to  Once you are logged in, select “Spanish Grammar” from the menu on the left.  Practice the quizzes, then do the written quizzes in the packet.



Verbs: is a great site  to help you master verb forms.  When you finish a quiz, make sure you hit “send”.  Practice the following over the summer: If you don’t do well, keep trying!  Highest grade on each test counts as a quiz grade (25 points)


The Indicative Mood, tests 2-14  The Indicative Mood: Compound Tenses:  tests 17 & 21

The Imperative Mood, tests 28, 29, 30

Grammar topics

Review at as much or as little as necessary.  If you take pre-tests at, you can determine what you need to review.


Study Spanish Lesson


Gender of nouns (no conjuguemos quiz)

Unit 1, lesson 2 (Some irregular nouns)



Unit 1, lesson 12

Comparisons & superlatives

Unit 3, lessons 37, 38, 39

Gustar and similar verbs

Unit 4, lesson 48


Unit 2, lesson 20

Negative and indefinite words

Unit 2, lesson 19

Direct object pronouns

Unit 4, lessons 41-43

Indirect object pronouns

Unit 4, lessons 44-46

Direct and Indirect object pronouns together

Unit 4, lesson 47


Ser & Estar

Unit 2, lessons 15-18

Por y Para

Unit 5, lesson 54

 Present tense- Review as necessary

Units 1, 3 & 4

Several lessons

Present Progressive

Unit 4, lesson 49


Preterite Tense

Unit 6

Several lessons

Preterite vs. imperfect

Unit 6

Several lessons

Past Participle/ Present Perfect tense

Unit 9, lessons 100, 101