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AP Spanish Summer Reading/Listening


Throughout the course of the next 10 months you need to be exposed to as much native Spanish as possible.  The AP Exam requires you to incorporate reading and listening into your writing and speaking.  So, over the course of the summer I want you to do the following:



Read and comment on 5 articles/stories from Spanish magazines and/or the Internet.  Read to get the general idea and the important details.  Train yourself to not having to know every word.


Great index of lots of stories:


Good index de periódicos en español:


People en español:


CNN en español:




Read an article and then e-mail me a commentary.  When you do this, I’m looking for a brief summary of what you read and then a brief reflection*.


*In your reflection tell me what you think about after reading the story/article- NOT what you think about the article.


Article summary/reflection 75+ palabras.


Two things:


Listen to Spanish music.  I will provide you with some Spanish music in mp3 format.  ¡Es buena música!  At some point write to me to tell me what your favorite group is and which is your favorite song. (50+ palabras)


Watch a few movies and/or TV shows in Spanish.  Put on the Spanish track of any movie.  Watch it a few times and see how much your listening improves.  3 times this summer, write to me and let me know about something you watched.  Tell me what you watched  and how it was. (50+ palabras)