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Verbos Irregulares


There are some verbs in Spanish that are more or less totally irregular, but fortunately they are few in number, and you already know most of them.  Here they are for review:

*DAR is irregular only in the YO form, but it fits well with these other "oy" verbs.

There's a quick, easy review at for these verbs.  Of course, as long as you are there, take the test.


The other irregular verb you need to know is "HABER".  Haber has a few different meanings, and depending on your level you may need to know one, a few or all.  The present tense forms of it are:

he, has, ha, hemos, háis, han
(muy irregular, ¿no?)
It also has an "impersonal form" of hay
This is, as far as I know, the only verb with this "extra" form.

Here are the uses:

haber de + the infinitive = should do.... (He de comer = I should eat.)

haber que + the infinitive = must do... (He que trabajar = I must work.)